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Your HTML-Basics Desktop

Welcome, ! This is your personal desktop at, and the place where you organize your work at this site. You'll have technology news, virus warnings and tools to make your everyday work easier. In the beginning, it'll be just what was here before, but rest asure that this is my main prioroty next to developing applications and getting some articles at this site.


This page is your starting point for reviewing your guestbooks at HTML-Basics, and adding and deleting guestbooks. You can use the actions table to log out from our site or review your user information. You can, or simply take a look and your services and see how popular they are. In short, this is where you take your website to another universe!

Note: This page is only temporary, as we engineer a totally new user experience at HTML-Basics. For the same reason, you are only available to review your basics data, not change them. In the next edition of HTML-Basics your starting page will be at the HTML-Basics frontpage, which will be customized to your needs. If you got any requests, do not hesitate to contact the webmaster.

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