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HTML-Basics Professional

We're starting a new program, the HTML-Basics Professional Program. This program will be designed to attract professional web developers, who is looking for ways to market themselves, and wants to contribute something to the web development community. The program will hopefully give a lot of advantages to its members, but also challenge them on nearly a daily basis.

Some of the benefits that will be available to a HTML-Basics Professional:

  • You will be free to call yourself a HTML-Basics Certified Professional (HBCP), either in text, or with grapichs that will be provided.
  • A certificate will be mailed to you in a PDF-File.
  • You'll be a part of the HTML-Basics beta testers, getting to our newest features before everyone else.
  • Your personale profile page on will be a great place for you to market yourself to the world.
  • You'll get access to member resources only available to HBCPs.

But there will also be requirements for keeping your membership, and for obtaining a membership.

Some of these requirements will be:

  • You will need to be able to be moderator at minimum one forum at our members forum. This doesn't mean that every HBCP will be forum moderators, but every HBCP will need to be that if they're asked to.
  • is for web developers, and you are expected to behave like a professional web develper as long as you got your title. If you're in doubt what is and isn't professional behavior, you probably shouldn't apply for the title.
  • You will be presented with a test that is developed to make sure you got the skills we require from you, before we'll call you a pro. The details of this test is not determined yet.

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