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Any use of as a website, or the services we provide might lead to being denied further use of these without notice, if this TOS is not respected. is a free service for anyone, to be used on personal webpages or corporate sites. is not responsible for any loss you might have as a result of using our services, or as result of any information we provide. You are, yourself, responsible for the data and information you provide to us, although we do our best to live up to your trust.

Even though HTML-Basics value your rights to privacy, we reserve the rights to edit your profile, or even to delete your account if we decide that such an action must be taken to protect HTML-Basics from security risks, or because of repeted violations of this TOS. Please make sure you have read our privacy statement before using our services.

HTML-Basics does not endorse any of the users of our services, unless we specifically state otherwise. You may not claim that we do endorse you, nor your site, or support it with anything else than the services we provide here available to anyone.

We reserve the right to deny users from our services if we find their use of our services inapproperiate. Such use includes, but are not limited to, rasicm, violence, adult material andillegal content. is not responsible for the content on sites that use our services.

Even though we try to keep downtime of our services at a absolute minimum, we do not guarantee the availability of this service at any time.

Any decision taken by HTML-Bascis is non-appealable.

This terms of service may change at any point of time without further notice.

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Be nice and behave, and we'll get along just fine.