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Privacy Statement

General privacy statement and special events vil never sell, lease, rent, nor loan any information about our users to anyone outside HTML-Basics. Nor will we provide opportunities for you to give your personal information to anyone outside the HTML-Basics system. We might, though, provide advertising on our site. This advertising will in most cases lead to outside sites, where your personal information might be collected, with or without your knowledge. We will try to keep track of what our advertisers are doing, to some extent, but we have no control over sites outside of the domains and

We work hard to keep maximum security without bothering our users unnecessaryly. Should we be attacked by hackers, though, would we take several more efforts to protect your security. One of those would be to reset all passwords, and mail new passwords to the registrated e-mail adress in our database.

By being a user at you agree that we can send you e-mails about changes at our site, and urgent newsflashes. We will stribe to keep these mailings to a minimum, and they will occure at a maximum once every other week, unless there is an absolute emergency (e.g. the resetting of passwords mentioned above). reserves the right to view your data, and if necessary delete any service you might be using, and in extreme cases, delete your entire accout without prior notice. Both these events will occure only if exceptionally rare situations should occure, but could be expected when there is detected use that conflicts with the Terms of Service, or any use of our services that HTML-Basics do not want to be accossiated with.

Collected information collect certain information about you. Such information is your name, e-mail adress and username and password. Those informations is required to keep this service available to our users. We collect some demographic data, as your DOB and you country. That informations helps us find out who our users are. We keep a memo about you, available for you to read, but not to alter. This memo is to note anything out of the ordinary about our users.

We record some information about the services you use, as the guestbooks who keep information about your homepage. This information will be used some along with your homepage and guestbook and the connection between these. Some of it will be available for people to search to view examples of the guestbooks we host.

We track your use by the help of I.P.-adress, sessions and cookies. These tools help us keep our service secure, and are designed to ease your life on Some demographic data is also collected. We might ask you to fill out forms to get to know our users better, and to adjust our site to you, but not without your prior consent, and not without it being voluntary.

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