Final Exam

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Final Exam

Question 1: What does HTML Stand for?

Question 2: What do tags do?

Question 3: What tag creates an unordered list?

      Question 4: What tag is used to embed an image?

      Question 5: What tag is used to create preformatted text?


      Question 6: What tag is used to make quotes around text

      Question 7: What tag is used to create a table?

      Question 8: Are tables inline or block level elements?

      Question 9: What tag is used to make a caption for a fieldset element?

      Question 10: You can only click on one checkbox at a time.

      Question 11: what is the recommended way to save your files

      Question 12: Which one is an absolute path

      Question 13: What does CSS stand for

      Question 14: Which method can you use to style a span tag?

      Question 15: What property is the space between the content and the border

      Question 16: Which one of these is short hand code for a border

      Question 17: What is the proper value for WHITE

      Question 18: Which propertie is used to put space between lines

      Question 19: What is the default positioning used by the browser?

      Question 20: Which property stays in its position even when the user scrolls down the page?