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About HTML-Basics


A little about me. I come from Oslo, Norway, but am currently located a little further north, in a city called Trondheim, where I'm studying for my masters degree in communications technology. HTML-Basics, being my pet project and a showcase for my personal webdesign business, will be updated whenever I got time to spare. A word about spelling: Being norwegian, English is my second language, and you can rely on spelling errors in my texts. Please just tell me about it, and I'll fix it promptly.

E.Data Studios

I mentioned my personal webdesign business, which is initially why I started this project in the first place. To get more clients, I want to show what I can do - and what better way to do that? The business website can be found at, in both Norwegian an English variants. I do webdesign and database development, and as you might understand, the combination between the two. Besides this, I'm trying to design yet another window tweaker utility, extedable with plugins.

If you want to contatct me for a business suggestion, go through


Around March 2002 I bought the domain at the spur of the moment, with no real idea of what to do with it. OK, bad planning, but I thought the name was pretty good. So I sat down and did a brain-storming of what to do with it. So I try to get together a decent guestbook alongside putting together a decent site to front the guestbook and working 500 hours at another summer job and finishing the norwegian equivalent of High School.

September 17., 2002, the site is launched and I try to adapt everything to work smoothly, just before going into the navy reqruit school. Now basically, I can edit small changes when I am home some weekends, not more, and the site goes into a downfall that I haven't pulled it out of yet. In November I got reassigned to living at home and working my duty 10 minutes from where I come from. So I am back to where I started.

Since then the site has evolved slowly but steadily. January 2003 a new layout was finished and I try to structure the site in a new way. I had big plans for HTML-Basics at the time I wrote that, and I still do, although the past year, I have pretty much ignored this site. I blame it on a overload of work.

When writing this, we're in the middle of october 2003. By the end of march 2004 I want to have a new HTML-Basics up and running, this time based on instead of "classic" ASP. The long deadline is because such a migration requires quite a lot of manual recoding, I have to learn ASAP, and I want to make sure everything is running smoothly. I promise, this time, I'll get it right.

The Future

I will keep up the work I have started, to make this a leading place for internet enthusiasts and semi-professionals. I want to accomplish this by working at several key points:

  • First phase, I will have a news/article section, guestbook and some other modules and a newsletter. Expect this by April 1. 2004.
  • Second phase, installing a bulletin board, more features for registrated users, tutorials, misc...
  • Creating my own bulletin board, while maintaining and developing HTML-Basics.
  • Next: Who knows? Suggestions...?